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What is Utunzi?

Utunzi, meaning 'care' in Kiswahili, is a platform that allows individuals and organisations to report and document violations against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) individuals; respond to emergency security situations; track violations; and share information. Utunzi also provides information on LGBTI concerns in Kenya and maintains a searchable database of recorded violations.

How does it work?

The Utunzi platform receives violation reports and requests for assistance from LGBTI at risk in Kenya through SMS (Safaricom short-code 22069); email ([email protected]); Twitter(@UtunziNetwork); Facebook (Utunzi: Rainbow Security Network) or through direct entry on the website via our reports page.

Reports can be made anonymously or if an individual is requesting assistance can be made with a mobile number, email address, Twitter or Facebook account. Reports and requests for assistance are then received by the Utunzi team and responded to directly or through referrals to organizations on the ground. Responders are selected on the basis of geographic location, their expertise and capacity.

Utunzi will respond to reported cases of Human Rights violations and abuses on the basis of individuals’ perceived and/or actual sexual orientation, gender identity and expressions.

NB: Confidentiality is key to all cases reported on the Utunzi platform.

What happens when I make a report?

If you choose to make an anonymous report then this will simply be logged in the Utunzi database and saved as 'unverified'. However, if you leave your mobile number or other means of contacting you, a responder in your local area will contact you to assess the situation and assist you, if possible. Only the responder(s) handling your case will have access to you personal information and will not share this with any other person or organisation without your consent.